Janeicia was a member of the 2015 Advertising Team at Loyola University. The team competed in the National Student Advertising Competition and achieved 2nd place. The client, Pizza Hut, had a goal to increase digital sales by the end of 2015. The task was to create a strategic campaign to support media buys and humorous ads. Janeicia took on a creative role and created some of the banner ads. Here are some examples and the final plans book PDF:

2015 NSAC Plansbook


datenight 6 datenight 5


Library (bar at the bottom2) Library (bar at the bottom3) Library (there for you) library try 1


Good Eggs is an online grocery store that specializes in local, fresh, organic food from Greater New Orleans farmers and delivers it to the customer’s door. Each student had to create a creative strategy platform and create subsequent ads that reflected the platform for Janeicia’s advertising copywriting class.

Janeicia’s target audience was women in the Greater New Orleans area ages 25-40 with some college experience or college graduate that have an income of $40,000 and up. The goal was to reach busy, health conscious women who’s active lives don’t always allow time or energy to go grocery shopping. The target group of women are achievers and goal oriented. Here are some of the ads Janeicia created to reflect her creative strategy platform.

Door Hanger: door hanger




















Magazine Ad: Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.37.25 AM













Newspaper Ad:

newspaper try2
























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